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You can download expenses claim forms from here and get guidance on how to fill them out.

Expenses and forms should be sent through to the email under the headling PPI expenses claim.

If you have any physical receipts that you need to send or want the paper forms call us at 02380 597983 and we can send you a Freepost envelope too. Our postal address if you need to write to us is:

NIHR ARC Wessex (PPI claims)
Southampton Science Park,
Innovation Centre,
2 Venture Road, Chilworth,
Southampton SO16 7NP

Download your forms below

By clicking on these links

Mileage and receipts claim form

Claim form for time

Bank information (please keep secure)


Fill in form for paper documents using the form below


Paper expenses form & Freepost envelope request

If it's easier you can request we send you a Freepost envelope and forms for you to return. Please include your postal address. 

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