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Your input is important to us and helps us to design better research, address the health and care issues that matter in our communities and provide valuable support to our research teams.

You can get involved with as little or as much as you would like either as a member of the public, a patient or carer for someone, or maybe you are supported in social care (sometimes called being a service user)

The NHS, Universities and Councils often use jargon and short-hand as a way of describing things. Having people with different experience can help break down barriers in language.

Working with us you will have all the support and encouragement you need in what can sometimes feel like an unfamiliar environment. We also cover costs of your time in many cases so that you are able to take part.

If you would like to know more please get in touch with us at 
or call us on 023 8059 8211.

Or you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page to let us know what particular things you're interested in.

Our commitments to the public

  • We will use a variety of ways to seek the views and insights of patients and the public, and work to ensure that the diversity of people giving their views reflects the diversity of the local population.
  • We will provide information that is clear, jargon free and accessible.
  • We will ensure people are adequately supported in their involvement role.
  • We will make sure there are no financial implications for people’s involvement.
  • We will involve people in a way that is open, honest and meaningful, being clear about what decisions they can and cannot influence.
  • We will act on the views we have sought, and feedback to those who gave them on what we did, working in partnership with patients and the public to improve the quality and relevance of our research.

NIHR ARC Wessex is committed to involving the public in the research that we do. We are following the guidance issued by UK Public Involvement Standard Development Partnership. 

The UK Public Involvement Standards Development Partnership was established in July 2016 and brings together representatives from the Chief Scientist Office (Scotland), Health and Care Research Wales, the Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland) and the National Institute for Health and Research (England) working with an independent expert.

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More information

Patient and Public Involvement in the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Wessex

In this video you will hear from our Patient and Public Involvement staff and our public/patient Champions.

Public and patient support in research

Hazel and Phillip got involved in helping to design research into long term conditions/illness. This is what they had to say after the meeting.

Help shape our research

We want to make sure that our research helps improve lives and that people who take part in our research studies have a great experience. To do this, we need your help.

Tell me more please

I'd like to get involved in research

If you would like to know more about how you can participate and have your voice in health and care research please get in touch.

  • We will be able to send you information
  • We can talk to you if you prefer
  • If you have special visual/hearing or language needs we can help

Thank you and we really look forward to hearing from you 

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