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MyBills looks at the impact of cost-of-living on mental health

A new research project at NIHR ARC Wessex looks to measure how the cost-of-living crisis is impacting people’s mental health in Hampshire.

The research brings together expertise from the University with that of the local councils, mental health services and the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and will run for 18 months. 

Could do better: Research rates Government food placement legislation

Researchers from Southampton interviewed more than 100 stakeholders to review Government legislation restricting the promotion of unhealthy - high fat, sugar and salt - food products.

Results show legislation to be a ‘good first step’ towards improving population diet.

ARC Wessex support leads to more funding aimed at tackling NHS Winter pressures

Two research projects have been awarded funding to address two of the biggest challenges facing NHS hospitals in the South by Health Data Research UK (HDRUK) and the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR)

Growing social care research

ARC Wessex and CRN Wessex have pulled together to expand research into social care. Four researchers have been funded to work with local authorities in Dorset, Portsmouth, Southampton and Hampshire.

Research projects are at an early stage but will include issues like domestic abuse and social care workforce capacity.

Join in our webinar: Navigating the change to Digital in Health and Social Care systems

Join in our webinar: Navigating the change to Digital in Health and Social Care systems

Monday 13th February 2023 12.30pm –1.30pm

Join here for MSteam's link

BLOG: Life has no respect for GANTT charts - by Sandra Bartolomeu Pires

Life happens. Sandra is in year 2 of her PhD - It's not been an easy ride. Writing from her home in a small village in Portugal she reflects on the changes that kept her going.

Dr Zoe Saynor from the University of Portsmouth

Try research: How Dr Zoe came off the field of play and into the field of research

From International Rugby to research supporting people with Cystic Fibrosis - Dr Zoe Saynor explains how she got to where she is now

Blackpool - listed as one of the areas most at risk of food insecurity

New map shows regions in the UK with a higher risk of food insecurity

Finding food poverty - researchers have created an online map can be used by councils to better target support and help those households most at risk, ensuring their limited budgets are spent in the areas that need it the most.

Person wearing a medical mask

How can we improve nurses’ lives? Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an experience we have all shared, with sustained social, economic and cultural effects across the globe. Media coverage through the pandemic has thrust health and care services into the spotlight. Read more

ARTICLE: Nurse staffing and patient safety in acute hospitals: Cassandra calls again?

Cassandra prophesised the fall of Troy. With many now fearing the collapse of the publicly funded NHS in the UK in the face of staffing shortages..Read Editorial in BMJ Quality and Safety

Rachael Middle from Ilse of Wight NHS Trust

ARC Intern Rachael publishes findings into inequality in Mental Health

Rachael Middle's internship allowed her to explore digital literacy among people with a severe mental illness. She's recently had a paper published on her work.

How do older people feel about using technology?

A report has shown that older people with frailty still prefer the human touch when it comes to health care a new joint AHSN and ARC report shows.

Leading ARC Wessex Researcher gives Keynote at Cost of Living Summit

Dr Dianna Smith gave the keynote speech at the Southampton Cost of Living Summit.

Do we know enough about how digital health technology helps people with a neurological condition?

A team of researchers based at NIHR ARC Wessex in Southampton has been looking at what evidence there is that digital health technologies work for people with conditions like: MS, stroke, epilepsy, and migraine.

Awards for dedicated volunteers supporting research

Two exercise volunteers working with older people have been rewarded for their dedication and research support

Annual Report Summary for April 2021 - March 2022

ARC Wessex is proud to present our Annual Report Summary for 2021-2022 Read more

Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement lead sets out plans for expansion

Heather Parsons is leading work by ARC Wessex to involve and engage patients and the public with research.

Heather herself has had experience of serious illness and now leads a team determined to make people's voices heard in research

New approach to dementia care transforms care home life

Material Citizenship, a new approach to dementia care, uses objects used to carry out tasks (such as a mobile phone or curling tongs) as a mechanism for improving the care experience for care home staff and people living with dementia in care homes.

According to one care home manager, taking a Material Citizenship approach has transformed how they provide care.