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CLECC Toolkit and background: Creating Learning Environments for Compassionate Care (CLECC)

CLECC is a training and development programme that has been tested and measured over several years in different care environments. It is designed to help improve the wellbeing of health and care staff and make a difference to patient care.

  • It’s easier for you to care for patients when you feel well cared for yourself

  • An important part of feeling well cared for is working in a team that supports you, where members care about how you are and want to help you

  • It’s hard to provide good care to patients when you feel stressed, isolated and unsupported

  • CLECC aims to provide the conditions in which every team member feels able to be compassionate with each other and with patients

We have developed and tested CLECC in real-life health and care settings to see how practical it is to use and to understand its impact in different settings. Our results to date indicate its promise for supporting staff learning and wellbeing, and the delivery of compassionate care.

Picture of Professor Jackie Bridges
Professor Jackie Bridges

Professor Jackie Bridges, a nurse by background and now Professor of Older People’s Care at University of Southampton in the UK, has led this work for over a decade.  She has worked closely with experts from different fields, particularly in nursing practice, to develop the CLECC programme and the accompanying research. 

This page contains a facilitator guide and accompanying resources to help health and care teams learn about CLECC and use it in a practical real-world setting.

CLECC is constantly being improved and revised with feedback from nursing, care staff and managers so please get in contact with any feedback. You can fill out the form below or contact us direct.

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Let’s start with the basics

What is CLECC and what evidence do we have that it works? Our two videos below can answer those questions

Guides – How do we do that?

I want to use CLECCA guide for facilitators –

101834 A4 Brochure - CLECC Facilitator Manual AMENDS - Jackie Bridges - FINAL
Download PDF • 1.14MB

I want to show CLECC to a team and get them thinking about how to use it

Slideshow to accompany facilitator guide – download PDF here (32 pages)

CLECC Whole Team Introductory Learning Activities slideset
Download PDF • 13.63MB

I want to tailor how I use CLECC based on understanding people’s experiences at work Download the questionnaires below:

Workplace Learning Questionnaire – for use by teams to identify team learning climate strengths and issues Team

CLECC Workplace Learning questionnaire for care settings
Download PDF • 108KB

Climate for Care Questionnaire – for teams to evaluate team working climate

CLECC Team Climate for Care questionnaire
Download PDF • 107KB

Please take time to tell us why you are using CLECC


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