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COMPLETE: GOODNIGHT Covid-19 to care-home-based vulnerable individuals

Co-Chief investigators

Dr Thomas Daniels, Consultant Respiratory Physician, Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Southampton Dr Ryan Buchanan, Academic Clinical Lecturer, Primary Care, Population Science and Medical Education, University of Southampton 

Partners: University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Southampton CTU & NIHR ARC Wessex


Professor Julie Parkes, Professor of Public Health, University of Southampton 

Professor Helen Roberts, Professor of Medicine for Older People, University of Southampton 

Emeritus Professor Jeremy Wyatt – University of Southampton 

Dr Beth Stuart – Medical Statistician, Southampton Clinical Trials Unit 

Dr Kinda Ibrahim - Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Andrew Cook – Public Health Consultant, Fellow of Health Technology Assessment, University of Southampton

Novel corona virus (COVID-19) is a virus that is spreading quickly around the world. Elderly people with other health problems have a high death rate from the infection. There are no treatments for COVID-19 so prevention of infection is very important

COVID-19 is thought to infect people via the nose and mouth.  Current best practise to prevent infection focuses on good hand hygiene, the wearing of masks and by limiting social contact. However, elderly people in care homes have to come into contact with staff members who are looking after them. 

If you would like to know more about this study please contact Dr Ryan Buchanan

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