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Ageing and Dementia

Old age can bring challenges to physical and mental health such as frailty and dementia which, if not dealt with successfully, can affect people’s quality of life. Everyone experiences old age and the associated health challenges differently, and we all have different priorities and values for our health and way of life.  Our research aids understanding of how personalised care and treatment can be delivered, to support independent living for people with complex health needs.

Professor Helen Roberts (Professor of Medicine for Older People and Honorary Consultant in Geriatric Medicine, University of Southampton) is leading this research area. We are delighted that Wessex has been asked to lead on co-ordinating applied healthcare research into Ageing and Dementia across the 15 Applied research Collaborations in England.


“Older people often have several healthcare conditions resulting in a considerable workload to manage their health and multiple appointments with different healthcare teams. We aim to evaluate a range of new care pathways and models of care for people with complex health needs, and ways to increase their opportunity for involvement in treatment and care decisions”

Professor Helen Roberts