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Sub theme 2 - Personalising care at scale: improved diagnosis and care in dementia

This sub theme aims to improve the diagnosis and care for people with dementia in all care settings.

Dr Chris Kipps works at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and is an honorary senior clinical lecturer. He has general medicine and neurology experience from a wide variety of settings and has a particular interest in cognitive and movement disorders. Chris is the research lead for Huntington’s disease for the South Coast Dendron Network, and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight specialty group lead for neurosciences. He is also clinical director for the Mental Health, Dementia and Neurological Conditions Strategic Clinical Network. His research interests include early onset dementia (those who develop a form of dementia before the age of 65) and Huntington’s disease.

Listed are projects awaiting approval

  • From Clinic to E-Clinic: Evaluating the Implementation of the My Medical Record Platform in Young-Onset Dementia and Huntington’s Disease. - Start date to be confirmed