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PerCent Care - Developing training for person-centred care: A pilot study

Principal Investigator: Professor Jackie Bridges

Team members: Professor Jackie Bridges (Professor of Older People's Care, School of Health Sciences, University of Southampton), Dr Teresa Corbett (Research Fellow, School of Health Sciences, University of Southampton), Professor Alison Richardson (School of Health Sciences, University of Southampton), Dr Jane Winter (Macmillan Consultant Colorectal Nurse, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust)

Start: 1 October 2019
Ends: 30 September 2021

Project Partners: University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, Bournemouth University, Macmillan Cancer Support


Lay summary
The aim of this research is to find out what type of information we should include in a training package for health and social care staff.

The training will help staff to ask questions about an older adults’ goals and care needs. Once we have put the training course together, we will test it out to see if care staff can manage it and find it useful.

This study will help us to make a useful training course that we can use to train health and social care staff in future research.

Background to the research

We have made a tool to help health and social care staff to talk to older adults who have lots of different conditions. This tool has 8 steps that should be followed in a meeting with people’ about their needs and personal goals. In a previous study, when we spoke to health and social care staff they said that they would like training in how to use the tool.

Design and methods used

We will study similar courses, workshops and training so that we can find out more about how we should plan our training. We will make a draft of what will be included in the training.

Experts will be consulted to discuss the training draft and we will make changes based on what they say. When all agree with it, we will try out the training 2-3 times. Up to 10-15 health and social care staff will take part. They will fill in a survey before and after the training. We will then send them another survey after a month. We will ask them if they found the training useful and if they have used their new skills. We will also talk to some of the people who took part to find out more detail about what they liked or did not like about the training.

Patient, public and community involvement

Members of the public have been part of the study so far in many ways. They have helped us to produce the tool that we will train health and social care staff to use.

We also intend to work with group of people from the community who have agreed to help us to in several ways. These include:

  • Looking over content in the training and letting us know what they think
  • Coming to project meetings
  • Helping us to plan the pilot study
  • Looking over study information that we will send to participants.
  • Helping us to make sense of the research findings


We intend to present our findings in papers that will be published in academic journals. We will also present our findings at conferences and at events with audiences who are interested in our study.