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MOTH Project 2: Exploring the factors that facilitate and hinder the implementation of digital tools for self-management of long-term conditions within existing healthcare structures and pathways

Team members: Dr Paul Clarkson, Prof Suzanne McDonough, Prof Maria Stokes, Dr Aoife Stephenson, Dr Euan Sadler, Ms Olatundun Gafari

Start: October 2019 Ends: July 2021

Project Partners: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Lay summary: Digital tools offer great potential to support people with LTCs to stay active and self-manage their own condition/s. However, the uptake and effective integration of such tools within the NHS is poor. Previous research has shown that for a tool to be successful, it needs to consider factors related to the individual user, the technology and the wider NHS and healthcare policy environment. This project therefore aims to review policy and standards to identify recommendations for the implementation of digital tools. Interviews with GPs, service commissioners and LTC specialist clinicians will also be undertaken to understand the factors that influence the successful uptake of digital tools. The research team will then explore differences and similarities between these data to support more effective uptake planning of tools into practice. Searches have already been conducted to find policy documents and these will be reviewed for relevance to the NHS before extracting the relevant information. Interviews will be undertaken and analysed within the team alongside the review information. The findings will help to support an understanding of the needs of different groups in the healthcare system, to develop tools that can be successfully implemented into the NHS.