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Workforce and Health Systems

Theme lead: Professor Peter Griffiths (Chair of Health Services Research. University of Southampton)

Health Systems team:

Professor Michael Boniface

Professor Michael BonifaceLead of the Coalition for Innovation and Digital Health Research (CIDHR) working with the NHS to translate pioneering research into practice

Dr Carlos Lamas-Fernandez, Research Fellow in Operational Research / Advanced Analytics at the University of Southampton.


We know that the health workforce are an asset and in short supply. As part of our ARC research we are planning a series of studies. We will look at the best ways for staff to work - for example where and when. We also want to improve conditions - in part by ensuring they have time to do the jobs we are asking them to do.

Professor Peter Griffiths
Safer nursing

Professor Jane Ball explains in this video how health organisations around the world need to commit to putting the evidence into practice to keep patients and staff safe. Learn more about our research on nursing staffing levels and how this is influencing policy.