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#CREDTalks: Care, Research Education and Debate: A forum to discuss what matters for social care. Wednesday 2 November 2022 - 15.00-16.00

England’s Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care, Professor Deborah Sturdy, has made promoting research and use of evidence her top priority. Research is key to shaping and improving nursing practice and the care and support that underpins living, ageing and dying well in social care settings. Together with colleagues from universities and the National Institute of Health & Care Research (NIHR), Deborah is delighted to launch the first of our #CREDtalks, providing a platform for staff working in social care to access research findings of direct relevance to their everyday work and learn how to get involved in research.

Social Care and Research Partnerships: What does research mean to you?

Wednesday 2 November 2022 - 15.00-16.00


Please click here to register for the event. Once you have registered you will be invited to the webinar, which will take place via Microsoft Teams.

In this first of our #CREDTALKS you will hear from social care and research partnerships supporting the use and/or production of research relevant for social care. Four partnership teams will each have 5 minutes to explain the who, what, where, why and how of their partnership and activities and there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion. Please see the attached flyer for further details.

Please join us in creating a credible platform for social care research education and debate #CREDTALKS.

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