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Mental Health Hub


To build applied health research capability and capacity to enable research-led mental health services across the lifespan in pressing areas of mental health linked to substantial health inequalities in our region.


  • Strengthening Wessex’s capacity and capability to conduct high quality mental health research in populations with high mental health burden

  • Working collaboratively with a range of organisations and the public to address current mismatch between mental health research need and evidence-based health, care, and public service response

  • Enhancing capacity and capability of mental health services to incorporate findings of research into care pathways, so improving the effectiveness, efficiency, safety and quality of mental health care and commissioning of mental health services.

Support Group

Our research projects

ADOPTED: Gambling in the UK: An analysis of data from individuals seeking treatment at the NHS Southern Gambling Service

Understanding psychosocial determinants of alcohol use disorder (AUD) in older adults: exploring the role of social networks and loneliness in living with AUD (OLA study 2).

Development of a core outcome set for nurse wellbeing: a Delphi study

Work lives and Wellbeing of Mental Health Nursing Workforce

Role of patient-assessed functioning as a predictor of health service use in patients with long term mental health conditions

Understanding, addressing, and meeting the complex needs of people living with long term physical and mental health conditions: a qualitative study

Pharmacological And Non-Pharmacological treatment of ADHD in Pre-schoolers: a systematic review and network meta-analysis: the PANPAP study

Adolescent Resilience to OVercome Adversity: EmpoweRment and intervention development – the ROVER study

Understanding the psychosocial needs and trajectories of older adults (>64 years) with alcohol use disorder (AUD) from hospital back into community

Mental health projects

Mental Health Hub lead


Professor Sam Chamberlain 

Mental Health Hub lead

  • Ageing and Dementia - promotion of healthy ageing by implementing and evaluating strategies to address alcohol use disorder, loneliness, and isolation.

  • Healthy Communities - developing, implementing and evaluating strategies to identify young people at risk of mental health conditions (including addictions like alcohol & gambling), promote early intervention and successful care transitions and bolster resilience.

  • Long-Term Conditions - enhancing evidence-based support for those with long term mental health disorders, like treatment-resistant anxiety and depression, and approaches to mobilising community systems of support and fostering resilience, including social prescribing.

  • Workforce and Health Systems - develop and test evidence-based interventions matched to staff need and the organisational and professional context, to promote mental health, wellbeing and resilience in workforce providing care and treatment to people with mental health problems.

Our Post-Doctoral Fellows

Rebecca Band

Research Fellow


Research Fellow

Skaiste Linceviciute

Research Fellow

Naomi Klepacz

Research Fellow

Mental Health

Mental Health

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