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Research Initiation, Enhancement and Statisical Analysis Awards Autumn 2023

An opportunity for health or social care practitioners and applied health researchers

An exciting opportunity exists funded through NHS England (NHSE) and ARC Wessex to have protected time to:

  • Get first-hand experience of research in one or more of our partner organisation

  • Work with some of the UK’s leading health and social care researcher

  1. To run a small self-contained project/literature review/analysis etc. that forms the foundation to grow your ideas and contributes to one of our four research themes.

  2. Or to run a small self-contained data analysis project that supports your department and aligns with one of our four research themes.

Research themes:  Ageing & Dementia, Healthy Communities, Long-Term Conditions and Workforce & Health Systems

There are three award categories:

These awards are intended to introduce professionals working within health and/or care organisations to research with the aim of helping them consider/start a clinical academic career. The awards offer an introduction to aspects of clinical research through gaining research experience by observing/visiting/working in a research environment and undertaking study in research in preparation for applying for a Pre-doctoral Clinical Academic Fellowship (PCAF) or a clinical doctoral academic fellowship (CDRF) in the future.  Click here to apply

The researcher enhancement awards are intended to support practitioners to make the step change from their PhD research towards becoming independent early career clinical researchers by supporting them to apply for clinical academic NIHR Clinical Lecturer fellowship or the NIHR Advanced fellowship or any other funding programmes. Click here to apply

Our Statistical Analysis Internship programme aims to build a base of clinicians/practitioners/methods researchers in Wessex who have more than a basic understanding of descriptive statistics, and who are ready to engage better with researchers and their statistician collaborators in understanding the quantitative issues involved with future research projects. Click here to apply

  • Applications open: 8th September 2023

  • Applications close: 9.00pm 26th October 2023 (extended from 22nd October)

  • Notification of outcome: January 2024


We will be running a live Q&A regarding applications on Monday 2nd October 2023, 4.30pm – 5.30pm with Professor Catherine Bowen, ARC Wessex Academic Career Development Lead and Dr Kinda Ibrahim, ARC Wessex Academic Career Development Associate Lead – Click here to join the meeting


About NIHR ARC Wessex

The NIHR Applied Research Collaborations (ARC) Wessex strategy focuses on developing the research skills and talents of the ARC Wessex community and making a substantial contribution to fostering a world class research workforce in applied health and care research. Our Mental Health Initiative aims to build applied health research capability and capacity to enable research-led mental health services across the lifespan in pressing areas of mental health linked to substantial health inequalities in our region. By working with key organisations in Wessex, including healthcare, public health, local authorities, higher education institutions, charities and voluntary groups, Wessex Academic Health Science Network and relevant Wessex-based NIHR infrastructure we will address the needs and priorities of communities in areas where mental health needs are greatest.

Daniela joined the internship programme after seeing videos from other interns.. she says you should take a look at research
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