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Meet our academy -
Interns, PhDs and Post-Docs

We all grow throughout our lives, and the our Academy is here to help expand the number of people in Wessex conducting high quality applied health research. It's part of our legacy to the health and social care community across Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight.

This page lists those people who have joined us in their journey to enrich our research community.

There are internships for people starting their research journey, PhD awards for those wanting to develop their experience and research career, and Post-Doctoral Awards to help drive the research agenda in Wessex.


From: Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

Ambulatory care: exploring an alternative care pathway to support patients with a diagnosis of Heart Failure

Long Term Conditions theme

PhD Fellowship
Samantha Belfrage.png
Developing and evaluating the feasibility of a community-based health literacy intervention to empower socially disadvantaged parents/carers of children aged 0-4 years to manage minor childhood illness and confidently navigate health services


Project Team Members: Professor James Faulkner – University of Winchester, Dr Margaret Husted – University of Winchester, Dr Simon Fraser– University of Southampton, Dr Sanjay Patel – University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust


Organisations Involved: University of Southampton, University of Winchester, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust


Brief summary of project:

This research project aims to make community- based intervention recommendations to increase the health literacy of parents/ caregivers of children aged 0 to 4 years.

This project will use a systematic review and sequential descriptive mixed method designs to meet the following research aims:

• Research Aim 1: establish the effectiveness of community-based health literacy interventions aimed at parents

• Research Aim 2: generate evidence of the validity of the Parent Health Literacy Questionnaire (pHLQ)

• Research Aim 3: profile the health literacy of parents living in areas of high deprivation

• Research Aim 4: identify interventions which could meet the health literacy needs of parents living in areas of high deprivation

Patient and public involvement will be sought throughout this research project.

Listen to her latest Podcast - Finding the Power in Empowerment - Episode One - Long Term Conditions- Sam and Lynn are joined by guests Holly and Mick. 

Post Doctoral
Project: Early detection of chronic liver disease in community settings
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