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ARC qualitative network


The aim of the group is to encourage debate and discussion about the place of qualitative research in health research, its core concepts and methods in a dynamic and supportive atmosphere. The group is multidisciplinary with over 140 participants drawn mainly from different faculties (Health Science, Medicine, Psychology, Sociology) and universities across Wessex, and some national and international participants. The group aims to be helpful and facilitate the use and development of qualitative research in health, illness and care. 


The group is primarily concerned with providing a peer support network and the development of knowledge and skills of early and mid-career researchers who are conducting or interested in qualitative research.

Frequency of meetings

The group meets every 2-3 months to discuss a specific topic related to qualitative research, with selection of topic normally driven by the members and their interests and needs.

(download copy of presentation)


The group has developed a “MUST READ LIST” for qualitative researchers that include articles and books that discuss different areas including:  challenges of conducting qualitative research; ensuring quality in qualitative research; the place of different methods of data collection; teaching qualitative research. We built this dedicated resource to help and advise people and we are constantly updating the list to include any further useful resources. If you would like to update the Must Read list email 

The group has also started building a resource of people with their expertise so members can identify at a glance the most suitable person(s) within the group to help, advise, and support on a particular topic. If you would like to add your details, please click here 

Group Convenor

If you would like to know more about the group or interested in joining in please email Dr Kinda Ibrahim 

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