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#CRED Talk - Dying well_ Social care research for quality in palliative and end of life care - 23 March 2023

#CRED Talk - Dying well_ Social care research for quality in palliative and end of life care - 23 March 2023

Chair: Professor Deborah Sturdy, England's Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care Professor Catherine Evans, Professor of Palliative Care at King’s College London and Honorary Consultant Nurse at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust: Processes underpinning care homes’ ability to meet the rapid rise in need for palliative and end of life care during the Covid-19 pandemic: priorities for policy ‘We’re a big part of the community, and all of a sudden the presence of families and friends and volunteers stopped’ Relationship-centred care is vital for palliative and end-of-life care in care homes, but this was severely disrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic. We identify the policy priorities to equip care homes with the resources, capacity, and expertise needed for high-quality palliative and end-of-life care. Dr Richard Green, University of Surrey: Enhancing the quality of living and dying with advancing frailty: The PALLUP and ALLIANCE studies This presentation will describe recent findings from the University of Surrey’s Living and Dying Well research team’s programme of work. First from the PALLUP study, where they are seeking to better understand the palliative care needs of older people with advancing frailty, develop the evidence-base for provision of community palliative care, and co-design resources better to access and deliver palliative care. Secondly from the ALLIANCE study