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ARC Wessex Faculty Membership

Wessex is home to some of this England’s most successful research organisations and the Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) hosts some of the most experienced and talented applied health researchers available. Many of them have international reputations in their chosen field.


One of the ARCs key objectives is to increase applied research capacity in health and care organisations. The establishment of ARC Wessex Faculty provides an opportunity for research expertise and skills to be shared from right across the entire region.

Becoming an ARC Wessex Faculty member brings substantial benefits. Members, whatever stage their career has reached, will be able to access a wide range of resources aimed at enhancing the quality, reach and impact of their research and evidence translation activities.

What is ARC Wessex Faculty Membership?

As a member of the Faculty you are there to support, encourage and be involved in our programme of research. You can become involved in our research projects, support and mentor researchers and use your skills to help in the growth and success of ARC Wessex. Normally you would be working with or in one of our partner organisations including an NHS or local authority (public health and social care), or at one of our partner Universities (Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester and Bournemouth). You should also have an interest or connection to one of our four research areas (ageing & dementia, healthy communities, long term conditions and workforce and health systems)

If you would like to support us as a member of the public, patient or carer then see our Get Involved pages

Why become a Faculty Member?

As a member of ARC Wessex Faculty, you have access to a wide range of opportunities and resources available through ARC Wessex. Support will be determined on a case-by-case basis and subject to available internal capacity and funding, and alignment with our strategy. Our skills and resources could include:

  • Affiliation with ARC Wessex projects, for example as a member of a project team, steering group or interested stakeholder, supporting the dissemination, adoption and spread of research findings

  • Support to disseminate and promote your research outputs. This may be in conjunction with the Wessex Academic Health Science Network (

  • Access to our training, learning and development events and activities

  • Opportunity to apply for ARC Wessex applied health research funding

  • Contribute to peer review of ARC Wessex research protocols

  • Opportunity to be linked to relevant programmes of work hosted by other ARCs

  • Advance notice of both ARC Wessex and the 14 other ARCs events and activities, in particular those related to funding and training opportunities

  • Opportunity to contribute to activities designed to build capacity and capability in our health and care research workforce across Wessex

  • Opportunity to contribute to stakeholder events, influencing the future direction of our research and implementation programme

What you can contribute
  • Be an enthusiastic ambassador for ARC Wessex

  • Where appropriate, support other ARC Faculty members' work

  • Provide knowledge, advice or opportunities for ARC trainees

  • Implementation Support for ARC projects

  • Your knowledge and experience

Apply to become a Member

To apply, download the form here (all applications must be accompanied by a short CV). You will receive notification of the outcome of your application within 10 working days. Email the form and your CV to us here once complete.

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