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Healthy Communities

Theme leads

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Professor Julie Parkes

Theme lead


Professor Nisreen Alwan

Deputy theme lead

Healthy Communities Theme

The health of people across our communities faces a number of challenges from the start of someone’s life until the end – our research teams are addressing inequalities, diet, domestic violence and a wide range of issues that touch on everyone’s lives in particular those in more vulnerable and underserved populations.  

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Research projects

Motivating and sustaining engagement of young people in improving their health and that of their communities

Exploring collaborative research within local authority adult social care

ADOPTED: Investigating the impact of food vouchers on diet composition and the prevention of childhood obesity

ADOPTED: Community pharmacy alcohol-related liver disease risk identification and
linkage to care through development of a complex intervention (CIP-LINC)

ADOPTED: Evaluation & Exploration of Multi-Agency Stalking Partnership Interventions

Qualitative Data Preservation and Sharing (Q-DaPS)

SOCIAL CARE: Evaluation of Southampton City Council’s Male Engagement Worker (MEW) Project

ADOPTED: Exploratory research to examine the health impact of scams and fraud and the current
knowledge and systems in the police and partner agencies for targeting and delivering victim support

COMPLETED: Co-POWeR - Consortium on Practices of Wellbeing and Resilience in BAME Families and Communities

Testing the effects of food product placement on customers’ visual attention and intended product purchases: a randomised trial in a virtual supermarket setting (Phase II)

ADOPTED: Symptoms, Trajectory, Inequalities and Management: Understanding Long-COVID to Address and Transform Existing Integrated Care Pathways (STIMULATE)

ADOPTED: Mapping pathways of response for adult and child victim-survivors of domestic abuse in Southampton City

ENRICHER – involvEment iN the cRiminal justice system & the ImpaCt on women’s Health dorsEt & hampshiRe

CHAMPION: Children whose mothers are involved in the criminal justice system in Dorset & Hampshire: developing health and social care outcome indicators

ADOPTED PROJECT: How to Support children with cancer, or another serious condition, and their parents during the COVID-19 outbreak

Developing a web resource to support families bereaved during COVID-19

SOCIAL CARE: Local Authority Adult Social Care Recruitment and Retention research project

Mental health Burden of Increased Living costs: Local Support (My BILLS)

ADOPTED: Young people’s barriers to mental health services

POST DOCTORAL PROJECT: Early detection of chronic liver disease in community settings

ADOPTED PROJECT: Comparing pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions for adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): systematic review and network meta-analysis

ADOPTED PROJECT: The cross-sector implementation of NICE-recommended CBT-based interventions for young people in care: Framework

ADOPTED PROJECT: DIGNIFIE Gender-seNsitive evaluatIon oF a prIson alternativE

ADOPTED PROJECT: High Harm Domestic Violence Perpetrator Pilot Evaluation

ADOPTED PROJECT: The Gateway Study a randomised controlled trial, economic and qualitative evaluation to examine the effectiveness of an out-of-court community-based Gateway intervention programme aimed at improving health and well-being for young adult offenders; victim satisfaction and reducing recidivism

ADOPTED PROJECT: Social network facilitated engagement in people who are Homeless to address InEqualities in alcohol related Liver Disease - The SHIELD feasibility study

A national evaluation of Project Cautioning And Relationship Abuse (‘CARA’) awareness raising workshops for first time offenders of domestic violence and abuse

Wessex DIET: Determining the Impact of covid-19 on food sEcurity in young families and Testing interventions

Domestic Abuse and Life-Limiting Illness: identifying and supporting adults at risk (DALLI Study)

COMPLETE: GOODNIGHT Covid-19 to care-home-based vulnerable individuals

Prevention schemes for female vicitms and offenders in Hampshire and Dorset

The feasibility of community pharmacies testing for Hepatitis C in people who inject image and performance enhancing drugs

COMPLETED: Testing the effects of food product placement on customers’ visual attention and intended product purchases: a randomised trial in a virtual supermarket setting (Phase I)

COMPLETED: The Wessex FRIEND Toolbox (Family Risk IdEntificatioN and Decision)

Young Volunteers

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