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Exploring collaborative research within local authority adult social care

Principal Investigator: Dr David Raper (University of Winchester)

Team: Rachel Harrison & Deborah MaCartney (University of Winchester)

Start Date: 1 October 2022

End Date: 30 September 2024


Adult social care is currently dealing with a range of challenges with staff resources being stretched. Research, as an activity is difficult to maintain and embed in this context, but acknowledged to be fundamental in improving practice and finding new and creative ways to overcome challenges.

In order to support an increase in social care research capacity, universities and social care agencies can engage collaboratively to explore strategies and processes that aim build capacity and space for research activity. This move to co-production will enable learning partnerships to be established, and opportunities for knowledge exchange enhanced. The outcome will be to engage, collaborate and find the means for professional development for social care professionals in research.  Alongside this greater understanding of research cultures and contexts for local authorities and adult social care providers will help to develop future partnerships and opportunities for research initiatives.


Aim(s) of the programmes of activity


To develop contacts and communication routes between university and local authority, to help facilitate research and evaluation relationships.

To provide support for research processes and the development of the role of research as an important part of the social care sector.

To provide support and mentoring for a range of projects across local authorities and independent sector. 

To create new platforms for research training for social care practitioners, and growing confidence and experience in this area.

Developing an understanding of research cultures with social care and local authority contexts.

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