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ADOPTED: Community pharmacy alcohol-related liver disease risk identification and
linkage to care through development of a complex intervention (CIP-LINC)

Prinicpal Investigator: Dr Alexander Smith

Start Date: 16 February 2023

End Date: 31 March 2025


Liver scarring (known as cirrhosis) is a frequent and ever more common reason for dying in the United Kingdom (UK). The most common cause of liver scarring in the UK is alcohol. Death from liver scarring can be prevented if liver disease is found at an early stage. This can be hard because many people with liver scarring do not look or feel unwell until they develop liver failure. At this stage it is too late to prevent complications. Alcohol-related liver disease can be found earlier by assessing for it in people who drink too much alcohol. This is advised in national guidelines.

Local pharmacists are one of the most accessible health professionals. There are over 12000 local pharmacies in England. Lots of these pharmacies are in areas where more people have alcohol problems. Local pharmacists are able to identify people who drink too much alcohol and provide them support to drink less. However, it is not known if local pharmacists can get these people assessed for alcohol-related liver disease. This study looks at how this could be done with the aim of creating a Toolkit to make it happen.

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