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Development of a core outcome set for nurse wellbeing: a Delphi study

Lead applicant: Dr Gemma Simons

Co-applicants: Prof Jane BallProf David Baldwin, Dr Emma Wadey, Dr Catherine Smith

Participant Information Sheet: Download here

Project Summary:

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Read project summary document (long summary)


Background : Little attention has been paid to the work lives and wellbeing of the nursing workforce, despite it being a priority area. Currently, there is no consensus on what wellbeing is or how it should be measured.  An evidence-based, positive way of measuring wellbeing is through a Core Outcome Set. 


What is a Core Outcome Set? Outcomes are used to measure whether a strategy, intervention or action has had the required result.  There are often multiple outcomes and ways of measuring them, which makes comparison difficult.  A Core Outcome Set is an agreed, or consensus, set of outcomes and measurement tools that, when used, provide consistent and comprehensive focus as everyone is measuring and reporting the same outcomes in the same way.


Aim: This project aims to develop a Core Outcome Set for Nurse Wellbeing.



  1. Produce a list of potential wellbeing outcomes and help text to describe them in that are clear and meaningful for nurses [PPI panel]

  2. Develop a consensus between nurses and nurse wellbeing experts on a core outcome set for nurse wellbeing [Delphi Study]

  3. Identify and assess for quality measurement instruments for the core outcome set for nurse wellbeing identified by the Delphi study [Critical Literature Review]

  4. Select measurement tools for the identified core outcome set and agree on a final Core Outcome Set for Nurse Wellbeing [PPI panel and Study Advisory Group].


Implications and Impact:

A Core Outcome Set for Nurse Wellbeing developed by nursing and nurse wellbeing experts will provide researchers and those undertaking governance with evidence-based and meaningful tools with which to evaluate wellbeing interventions.


This study is registered on the Core Outcome Measures in Effectiveness Trials (COMET Initiative) database


The Mental Health of Medical Students: Supporting Wellbeing in Medical Education | Oxford Academic (

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