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Skaiste Linceviciute

Research Fellow

Long Term Conditions


Skaiste Linceviciute is a recently appointed Research Fellow in the ARC Wessex Mental Health Hub at the University of Southampton and will be contributing to new research opportunities and collaborations.

Skaiste Linceviciute has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and a PhD in Health Sciences and Social Work at the University of Portsmouth. Skaiste’s PhD is about the experiences of older adults with a long-standing and a late onset asthma. Using different methods and approaches she was successful in researching people’s narratives that explored the meaning of living with asthma for older persons.
Prior to joining the ARC Wessex Mental Health Hub, Skaiste worked on a number of projects supporting different stages of research at the University of Portsmouth and the University of Westminster. Beyond academia, Skaiste has also worked in other education institutions offering pastoral and academic support to young people.

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