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Part 2 - New ARC Wessex research projects joining our portfolio

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Join us for our Live webinar
Monday 18th October 2021

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Chair: Professor Alison Richardson, ARC Wessex Director

Co-Chair: Dr James Faulkner, University of Winchester

PARTNERS Project. Development and implementation of a digital tool for multisectoral support and management of long term conditions (Professor Mari Carmen Portillo)
Wessex DIET. Determining the Impact of food insEcurity in young families and Testing interventions (Dr Dianna Smith & Dr Nisreen Alwan)
Non-digital support for maintaining physical activity in people with long-term (Moth 5) – within Maintenance Of physical acTivity beHaviour (MOTH) programme (Professor Maria Stokes and Dr Chloe Grimmett)
My Medical Record Neuro. Identifying strategies to support widespread uptake, use and usefulness of digital care in long-term conditions (Professor Chris Kipps)

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