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Part 1 - New ARC Wessex research projects joining our portfolio

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Monday 13th September 2021

Chair: Professor Alison Richardson, ARC Wessex Director

Co-chair: Professor Sherria Hoskins, University of Portsmouth 

  • MODIFY - The development and iMplementation Of a multidisciplinary medication review and Deprescribing Intervention among Frail older people in primarY care (Dr Kinda Ibrahim)
  • IDA. Implementing a Digital physical Activity intervention for older adults (Dr Kat Bradbury)
  • PROCED – PROactive, Collaborative and Efficient complex Discharge (Dr Carlos Lamas Fernandez)
  • Implementation of a digital health coaching intervention for older people with frailty in Wessex (DONOR: Digital cOachiNg fOr fRailty) (Professor Jane Murphy)

Watch the Webinar here


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