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Is it cost-effective to deploy more nurses on hospital wards?

Picture of a female nurse in a hospital corridor smiling
Do more nurses make patients safer?

A new publication by researchers at NIHR ARC Wessex based at the University of Southampton has examined evidence from over five thousand hospitals worldwide to measure how cost effective it is to have a higher number of nurses on hospital wards.

The report looked at 22 studies across the world and concluded:

"Increasing the proportion of registered nurses is associated with improved outcomes and reduced net costs."

Professor Peter Griffiths, is a Chair in Health Services Research at the University of Southampton. Dr Ourega-Zoé Ejebu, Research Fellow for Health Workforce, and Black Futures Cohort Tutor in the School of Health Sciences at the University of Southampton.

You can read the full report in Evidence Brief March 2024 below

25_03_Cost Effectiveness of Staffing Level ARC format (1)[34]
Download PDF • 364KB


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