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South West HEE-NIHR integrated clinical & practitioner academic (ICA) programme awards open for 2023

The programme, funded by both the National Institute of Health and Care Research (NIHR) and National Health Service England (NHSE), is championed by higher education institution (HEI) and clinical academics across the South West.

There are key contacts in HEIs across the region that you can contact for advice and support:

The programme is intended to increase research capacity to improve health and healthcare, by developing people with the potential and aspiration to become leading clinical academics and independent researchers in the future.

It is open to registered health and social care professionals including nurses, midwives, allied health professionals and other non-medical healthcare professionals with ICA approved regulatory bodies. The programme is suitable for clinicians and practitioners who wish to develop careers that combine research and research leadership along with continued practice and professional development.

These awards provide short-term support for those in the South West aspiring to develop a clinical academic career and apply for national awards. There are three levels of awards available:

  • Internship award – for individuals that have little research experience or training and would like to develop their knowledge and understanding of research, develop some practical skills, and/or develop a project idea with supervisory guidance and support.

HEE Southwest ICA Internships Award Guidance Notes Autumn 2023
Download PDF • 336KB

NHSE South West ICA Internship Application Form
Download DOCX • 52KB

  • Pre-doctoral bridging award – for individuals that have some research experience and are developing their research profile, have completed Masters level research training and aspire to gain funding to undertake doctoral research training.

HEE Southwest ICA Pre-Doctoral Award Guidance Notes Autumn 2023
Download PDF • 334KB

NHSE South West ICA Pre-doctoral Bridging Application Form
Download DOCX • 51KB

  • Post-doctoral bridging award – for individuals that have completed or will have submitted their thesis at the time of application, are looking to undertake post-doctoral research and build towards applying for a post-doctoral level fellowship such as the HEE-NIHR Advanced Clinical and Practitioner Academic Fellowship.

HEE Southwest ICA Post-Doctoral Award Guidance Notes Autumn 2023
Download PDF • 341KB

NHSE South West ICA Post-doctoral Bridging Application Form
Download DOCX • 51KB

The closing date and time for submission of applications is midday, Wednesday 25th October 2023. Applications should be submitted to

For any queries about the awards, please contact


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