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Sustainable system implementation is not a linear pipeline process, but a dynamic interaction between health and care research, commissioning and delivery at multiple points in the innovation cycle.

Our Team

Dr David Kryl

Dr David Kryl

Dr David KrylDirector, Centre for Implementation Sciences (CIS) & Implementation Lead ARC Wessex

Dr Michelle Myall

Dr Michelle Myall

Dr Michelle Myall - Senior Research and Implementation Fellow

Ms Cindy Brooks

Ms Cindy Brooks

Ms Cindy Brooks - Research Fellow and Medical Sociologist at the School of Health Sciences. 

What we do

The ARC Wessex Implementation Team has developed a workflow, including an implementation checklist, that is applied to the entire ARC Wessex portfolio.

Our workflow includes initial implementation advice to help researchers complete the proposal form, reviewing the ARC proposals, and providing follow-up support to successful projects (advice only or in-depth).

For in-depth support, we co-develop detailed implementation plans with the project leads.

All projects have access to implementation resources. As well, we actively contribute to the development of materials for the ARC Wessex PhD fellowship programme, including teaching sessions.

Collaborating with Wessex AHSN focuses on bringing AHSN criteria or staff into the ARC funding process, making initial contacts in the NHS for ARC portfolio projects (when appropriate), continuing active working on specific projects and contributing to upcoming proposals.

The Implementation Team also offers support to each ARC-funded project implementation champion (IC). ICs are not necessarily researchers, are located within, or can readily connect with, the relevant setting(s) where the project findings will have relevance. The IC promotes knowledge of the project, facilitate conversations about its implications and promotes translation.

See details of the Wessex NHS Insights Prioritisation Programme Project (NIPP) in conjunction with the Ageing and Dementia theme and AHSN Wessex

Implementation Checklist

The ARC Wessex Implementation Team have developed a process to assess the implementation factors of ARC projects outputs. Our Implementation Checklist assesses how far research teams have considered implementation and enables us to determine the level of input we need to provide to support the implementation process.

The checklist comprises six domains representing key elements in the process leading to implementation. Within each domain there are a set of statements addressing different aspects of this process and the conditions required for implementation. In addition, there are several questions which are intended as prompts to help make the assessment.

To complete the checklist, think about your project and consider each statement within the domain and its accompanying question(s). Decide if you agree or disagree with the statement by placing a tick in the relevant column. You should also think about the evidence you have to support your response and details of this should be provided in the last column.

If you have questions about the checklist email, please send these to addressed to the “Implementation Team”