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ARC Webinar - New projects joining our portfolio Part 1

Following the ARC Wessex Research Competition in 2020 - Eight research projects were funded from the region.

In this Webinar recording we hear from Professor Alison Richardson, ARC Wessex Director and Professor Sherria Hoskins, University of Portsmouth and the principle investigators from FOUR of the eight selected research projects

  • MODIFY - The development and iMplementation Of a multidisciplinary medication review and Deprescribing Intervention among Frail older people in primarY care (Dr Kinda Ibrahim)

  • IDA. Implementing a Digital physical Activity intervention for older adults (Dr Kat Bradbury)

  • PROCED – PROactive, Collaborative and Efficient complex Discharge (Dr Carlos Lamas Fernandez)

  • Implementation of a digital health coaching intervention for older people with frailty in Wessex (DONOR: Digital cOachiNg fOr fRailty) (Professor Jane Murphy)


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