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Workforce Evaluation Toolkit project (WET)

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This is a commissioned piece of work from the ARC Wessex Workforce & Health Systems (WHS) theme to support them with regular requests from healthcare providers. The project is to iteratively develop a generic toolkit for the evaluation of new workforce roles across healthcare. The aim during the current project is to build a first trial version to prove the toolkit concept and generate buy-in from system partners. The Bakker’s Workforce engagement model Burnout forms the conceptual basis for evaluation toolkit. The deliverable for this project is a minimal viable product, in the shape of a workforce evaluation toolkit.

Team: Ruth Barker Programme Manager – Insight Health Innovation Wessex. Cheryl Davies, Senior Programme Manager Innovation Adoption, Health Innovation Wessex. Rachel Bailey

Senior Programme Manager - Insight, Health Innovation Wessex.

Ends: 30 June 2024

More detailed outline or project and partners

Workforce Evaluation Project Work Packages 011223[99]
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