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Do we know enough about how digital health technology helps people with a neurological condition?

A team of researchers based at NIHR ARC Wessex in Southampton has been looking at what evidence there is that digital health technologies work for people with conditions like: MS, stroke, epilepsy, and migraine.

The study found 27 articles looking at 17 digital tools to help people manage their symptoms most were aimed at patients. It showed some helped patients manage a neurological condition – and helped them to cope with the symptoms like depression and tiredness.

The study concluded that while there are lots of digital health tools out there, more work needs to be done to understand how effective they are, especially in the long term. Importantly, are they still effective as conditions worsen and how do they work alongside face-to-face NHS care.

NIHR ARC Wessex: National Institute for Health and Care Research Applied Research Collaboration Wessex


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