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Growing Stronger Together (Event) - How driving up research capacity can improve health & care

The ARC Wessex event - Growing Stronger Together - brought people from across the Wessex region to look at how we can grow the number of people taking part in health research. Speakers are listed below, along with resources including recordings of the day and presentations.

Discussions identified the barriers to some underserved communities to engage with research. On Twitter @arc_wessex using #growresearch more that 14,000 people got involved and over 100 people took part in the virtual event.

Session 1 - Introductions: Professor Alison Richardson, Professor Catherine Bowen & Dr Kinda Ibrahim, Professor Anne-Marie Fenge Chapters marked on video

  • Professor Alison Richardson's presentation

Download PDF • 701KB

  • Professor Anne Maree Keenan's presentation

Download PDF • 798KB

  • Professor Cathy Bowen & Dr Kinda Ibrahim's presentation

Download PDF • 772KB

  • Professor Lee-Ann Fenge's presentation

Download PDF • 215KB

Breakout Session 1 - Dr David Kryl hosts a breakout session looking at the barriers and facilitators to research into social care

Breakout Session 3 - Dr Mark Lown hosts a breakout session looking at community and acute care research

Break out session 4 - Dr James Faulkner hosts discussion on diversity and equality among academic researchers


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