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Long Covid study wants to speak to people who are still feeling the effects of the virus

Scientists are trying to understand how fatigue may differ across health conditions such as long Covid, cancer and heart disease. We want to talk to people who have experienced long Covid to find out what their fatigue feels like and how it affects their life.

New technologies are now emerging that may help us to better understand fatigue, so that we can diagnose and treat it more effectively. We'd like to hear your views on these technologies.

What would happen if I take part?

If you decide to take part then it will involve joining an online focus group on Thursday 10th March 2022 at 2pm with otherpeople who are experiencing fatigue with long Covid. You'd beasked to say a bit about your experiences of fatigue. We would tell you about new technologies that might help us to better understand fatigue and ask you what you think of these. Thefocus group would last up to 2 hours (with a break in themiddle), we would pay you £40 for taking part.

If interested please contact: or


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