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Alignment with Health
and Social Care Priorities

Project Outputs

This domain helps you consider how implementation of your project output(s) fit with the changing needs of the health and social care systems and local, regional and national directives and policy.

  • NHS
    Dorset Integrated Care System (ICS) Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care System (ICS)
  • NHS Trusts
    Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Isle of Wight NHS Trust Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Solent NHS Trust Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
  • Universities
    Bournemouth University University of Portsmouth University of Southampton University of Winchester
  • Research partners
    Health Innovation Wessex (formerly Wessex Academic Health Sciences Network)
What should I consider for my project?

Alignment with Health and Social Care Priorities

Case study
Staff Wellbeing (SWP) project

“We knew that senior managers were keen to understand the wellbeing needs and priorities of staff, but we did not know how to address this. By consulting with colleagues from a partner organisation, we were able to understand how they approached this. They informed us that they had conducted an anonymous survey with staff to ascertain key needs and priorities for wellbeing. With their guidance we collaborated with a local research and evaluation partner who helped us design the questions for a survey administered within our organisation. In this way we could make sure any initiatives arising from the project were aligned to staff needs. When we conducted the survey, we realised one key factor impacting on staff wellbeing was influenced by a national policy initiative which had resulted in changes to working practices within our organisation. We reflected that we should have reviewed national policies more closely at an early stage, to ensure that our survey questions considered the potential impact of these. We have since adapted the survey to include questions relating to the impact of these policies. The survey findings have provided important insights into how national policies impacted on staff wellbeing at an organisational level as well as reinforcing the importance of wellbeing initiatives being aligned to local, regional and national priorities.”

Take away tips
  • Implementation is more likely to be successful when it aligns with the priorities of all relevant stakeholders

  • Understanding how implementation may align at local, regional, and national levels is key

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