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Outcomes and Impact

Project Outputs

This domain helps you consider the outcomes and impact of your project output(s) for patients, service users, health and social care professionals, third sector organisation professionals and health and social care systems.

  • NHS
    Dorset Integrated Care System (ICS) Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care System (ICS)
  • NHS Trusts
    Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Isle of Wight NHS Trust Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Solent NHS Trust Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
  • Universities
    Bournemouth University University of Portsmouth University of Southampton University of Winchester
  • Research partners
    Health Innovation Wessex (formerly Wessex Academic Health Sciences Network)
What should I consider for my project?

Outcomes and Impact

Case study
Stroke awareness Action Learning Sets for health and social care professionals Project (SALs) team

Upon reflection, thinking about the potential benefit or outcomes of our project to different stakeholder groups has been essential to increasing the impact of our project. We thought about what we wanted to achieve during the lifetime of the project in terms of improving awareness of stroke in clinical and community settings, but also longer-term and how this may improve patient and service user experiences of accessing stroke care.

We knew that our stakeholder groups would be patients, social care users and health care professionals, social care professionals and third sector organisation professionals, as well as the wider health and social care system. At the beginning of the project, we considered how we would measure or evaluate the impact of the project outputs with these stakeholder groups. Closure of a local stroke awareness information support centre during the project, was devastating to the local community. It also meant that we wanted to adapt the aims of the project to accommodate the needs of those directly affected. Had we not been engaged with different stakeholder groups; this would not have happened. It made us realise the importance of engagement with stakeholders throughout to ensure that what we needed to measure or evaluate was closely aligned to their needs and priorities.”

Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Take away tips
  • Potential outcomes and impact of implementation should be considered at the outset of a project

  • Engagement with stakeholders is essential to determining outcomes and impact for individuals, organisations and the wider health and social care system

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