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Buy-in and Engagement

Project Outputs

This domain helps you consider who needs to be engaged as part of the implementation process, what routes to engagement to use and how engagement will be maintained during implementation.

  • NHS
    Dorset Integrated Care System (ICS) Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care System (ICS)
  • NHS Trusts
    Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Isle of Wight NHS Trust Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Solent NHS Trust Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
  • Universities
    Bournemouth University University of Portsmouth University of Southampton University of Winchester
  • Research partners
    Health Innovation Wessex (formerly Wessex Academic Health Sciences Network)
What should I consider for my project?

Buy-in and Engagement

Case study

“From the start, we decided it was important to use our current networks and involve key people who had established credibility and who were trusted. The commitment and drive for the project by the lead ensured others readily identified its value and were prepared to engage and commit to see the project to realisation. We involved our Communications Team at this early stage and provided regular updates both internally and to partner organisations so that they were aware and felt involved in the project. We continued to recruit key people from partner organisations so that they would spread the message and obtain buy-in within their organisations. Our stakeholder group established a clear plan, including ensuring we considered all governance processes and decisions were actioned. We also identified early on who our ‘anti-champions’ were and discussed how we would manage their resistance or if they attempted to derail implementation. It was a massive team effort that required time and input from all involved. We also confirmed our organisation was fully committed to adoption and this enabled us to show that the intervention was commissioned. This resulted in other organisations having reassurance and confidence to engage and not having to ‘take a risk’ and be the first to sign up.

Drive Partnership Working Project (DPWP)
Take away tips
  • Buy-in and engagement is integral and should be considered at the start and throughout implementation

  • Engagement is necessary at all levels and must be sustained

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