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8 June 2020

Covid-19 data analytics research supports frontline

Back in March 2020 Professor Michael Boniface and his team of Mathematicians, Physicists, Statisticians, Data Scientists and Engineers set about an unlikely task. Could they use data and other information sources with mathematical models of infectious disease to help Southampton's Emergency Department forecast the number of people likely to be admitted?

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Uncovering the Echoes of History

Sister Harvey and patients at Netley Hospital in 1918

Sister Harvey and patients from Netley Hospital in 1918

Read about how a chance discovery led to a great lesson

'Throughout history, wars and pandemics have shaped and changed the way nursing care has been delivered. If we look back, many of the measures that were applied we continue to use today. During this covid19 pandemic, the importance of open spaces and physical spaces between people, fresh air or sunlight are the same – echoes of the voices speaking from the pages of the Netley magazines in 1918'

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Professor Alison Richardson

Professor Alison Richardson is Director of ARC Wessex

October 2020

ARC Wessex Director given National role

England’s Chief Nursing Officer, Ruth May, has appointed Professor Alison Richardson as Head of Nursing Research, Academic Leadership and Strategy, as part of a new nursing research strategy ambition for England.

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New approach to tackling the long-lasting symptoms of COVID-19


The National Institute for Health Research has awarded £782,000 to a new recovery programme to treat people suffering the effects of what is sometimes called Long-Covid.

The Living With Covid Recovery Programme has been developed with the help of the NIHR Applied Research Collaborations for Wessex and North Thames (NIHR ARC Wessex and NIHR ARC North Thames) in partnership with the University of Southampton, University College London (the lead research organisation), NHS Trusts in London and a company called Living With Ltd.

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Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

20 October 2020

Remote Community Monitoring to support action against COVID-19 2nd Wave

The ARC Wessex COVID Health Systems research team has supported the University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre in a successful bid to NHSX with North and Mid Hants Integrated Care Partnership and the Wessex Academic Health Sciences Network to deploy and scale remote community monitoring in COVID-19 Virtual Wards for patient emergency care.

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Thinker, Sailor, Author, Physio

Read Justin's story (so far) - How he started an ARC Wessex Internship - (hint not the first ship he's been involved with)

" I developed in confidence, I began to think differently about my practice. It seemed to me that what made most difference to my patients was the therapeutic relationship. Understanding the patient’s experience and learning to listen more and communicate better (and sometimes talk less!) started to seem more important than having the biggest toolbox of treatment techniques."


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BLOG: Leader articles, long reads and discussion

Occasionally we share stories from the front line and beyond written by our very talented researchers. Take a look to see their stories.